Today is the best day of my life.

Mondays aren’t always great

But today

Today I bought fresh grapes at the grocery store

They were on sale.

I was hoping to buy strawberries

but they only had expensive, organic ones

I am not rich enough for expensive, organic ones

So I bought grapes.

I put them in my basket and then

I used the self checkout and then

I put them in my bag

And I brought them home.

I tasted one

And I thought to myself

You know what?

This is better than strawberries.



I have a confession to make.

It’s about a food that I loathe. Normally, it would be perfectly fine to loathe a food, because all you have to do is just not eat it, right? In this case, however, I can’t avoid eating it.

Because it’s my mother’s favorite thing to cook.

They’re called German Pancakes, also known as Puff Pancakes. It’s an egg-based batter that, when baked, puffs up in the oven and then deflates so you can eat it with toppings like fruit, syrup, or whipped cream. They taste like really thick, eggy crepes. Frankly, it’s just wrong.

But I’ve never had the heart to tell her. Whenever she makes them, which is frequently, I eat a single one to be polite before I excuse myself.

I’ll take my secret to the grave.



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