That Awkward Moment When a Netflix Original is Better than a Disney Movie

Don’t worry! No spoilers ahead.

On Monday, I started watching Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit.”

Yesterday, on Thursday, I finished it.

I’m not kidding. It was that good of a show! The timeline was artfully developed, and the themes and undertones of the story were thoughtful and pertinent. The backstory of the main character, Beth, wasn’t rushed in the slightest. In fact, it was embraced as an ongoing theme, and not just a vague excuse for character flaws.

Then, I watched Disney’s That’s when my cinematic pet peeve started to kick in: I hate watching weak movies. Especially when I know they could have been better.

Compared to “The Queen’s Gambit,” was just embarrassing. The characters were hastily developed in a weak attempt at a flashback. The plot seemed far-fetched and the events that accompanied didn’t seem well thought out in the slightest. I had high hopes for the movie, but I left the theater largely disappointed.

And before you get on my case, I know that comparing a historical drama series to an animated movie isn’t fair. But that’s not my intention. In my opinion, any media I watch should be entertaining and anything I sit down to watch for longer than 20 minutes should have at least thought put into the development.

Plus, I think I’m justified to be sad about We know Disney can do better. Just look at , and even if you’re talking about series, look at “Wandavision.” The latest attempt at a princess movie just didn’t live up to the standard. It seemed like a last ditch moneymaking effort.

So, Disney, if you’re reading this…do better.



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